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Post-tournament sites and asset use

Enabling year-round use of stadiums

Initiative description: Identifying and implementing solutions to enable post-tournament, year-round use of stadiums and other assets, such as cooling technologies in stadiums. This includes leveraging the Al Thumama showcase stadium to enhance research and innovation by providing a pilot-scale platform for demonstrating sustainable technologies and solutions.

All stadiums are designed and equipped with a series of technologies to enable year-round usage, even during the hotter summer months from May to September.

Stadium roofs have been designed to provide significant shading and efficient cooling systems maintain comfortable bowl and pitch temperatures throughout the year.

Stadium façades, windows and internal structures prevent heat transfer to indoor areas and efficiently maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Outside the stadiums, paints, pavers, and other ground cover materials reflect heat and light. Native and regional plant species have been selected based on their drought resistance, and trees shade pedestrian areas.

Post-tournament, our stadiums will be converted into other facilities thanks to their modular designs. This sustainable approach will offer business opportunities for local hotels, offices, shopping centres, multi-sport facilities and sports medicine clinics. See here for stadium legacy plans post-tournament.