Community and business engagement on long-term use for tournament sites
Post-tournament sites and asset use

Local engagement on long-term use

Initiative description: Periodically gathering ongoing feedback on how stadiums and training sites can be developed to serve communities and businesses before and after the tournament, in addition to gathering feedback from national and international stakeholders on the post-tournament use of the dismantled stadium infrastructure.

The SC continues to host workshops inviting the private sector to invest in and develop stadium precincts. This is in line with Qatar’s National Development Strategy (NDS 2018-2022) which seeks to identify investment opportunities relating to FIFA World Cup 2022™ sports facilities and strengthen the role of the private sector in seizing these opportunities.

Post-tournament plans for stadiums have been shaped by input gathered through community engagement activities. For example, a five-week roadshow that stopped at different malls across Qatar, reaching over 30,000 people, was conducted in order to consult communities all over the country. This activity was designed to raise local awareness of the tournament and provided an opportunity to collect people’s feedback and suggestions regarding potential future uses for the stadiums in their communities.

As part of our effort to ensure the sustainability of FIFA World Cup 2022™ stadiums, and facilitate their future use, nearly all stadiums have been built using modular components. This will allow conversion for other uses such as smaller sports and cultural venues, hotels, offices, shopping centres, or sports medicine clinics – depending on each community’s needs.