Air Quality
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Air quality

Minimise local air pollution from FIFA World Cup 2022™ stadiums, training sites, overlay infrastructure and transport services, promoting access to cleaner technologies in Qatar

Air pollution is one of Qatar’s main environmental challenges due to the country’s desert environment and wind, which generate dust particles, as well as vehicle exhausts and industry emissions from across the region. Qatar’s government is committed to reducing air pollutant concentrations to comply with its strict Qatari Air Quality standards by 2022. Efforts by the government and academia to improve air quality monitoring and understanding of pollution sources and their consequences are ongoing.

Through the construction of tournament sites and related infrastructure, as well as the use of a significant number of vehicles and generators for FIFA World Cup 2022™ sites and events, the FIFA World Cup 2022™ will have an impact on dust generation as well as exhaust air emissions.

Air pollution control at construction sites

Minimising the level of dust and fine particulate matter produced by construction activities through best practice strategies in line with sustainable building certification requirements including pre-watering, isolating dust-producing activities and

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Green spaces

Mitigating air pollution from the operation of stadiums, training sites and overlay infrastructure by developing green spaces in and around sites, leveraging the SC Tree Nursery.

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Air pollution control during tournament-time

Maintaining adequate indoor and outdoor air quality to minimise exposure to air pollution at tournament sites.

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