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Greenhouse gas emissions

GHG emissions inventory

Initiative description: Completing and publishing a GHG emissions inventory for the preparation, staging and post tournament activities of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to set a clear scope for emission reductions and offsets.

In line with the commitment to deliver a carbon neutral FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, tournament organisers have developed a comprehensive estimate of emissions linked to the preparation, staging, and post-event activities of the tournament. The analysis provides a basis to understand the environmental impact of the tournament and the emissions that need to be mitigated or offset. Any unavoidable emissions will be offset.

The ex-ante GHG Accounting Report, completed by international independent experts, and in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, sets out an inventory of activities and emissions under the control of the tournament organisers from 2011 – which marks the establishment of the SC after the award of the hosting rights in December 2010 – through to 2023. Total GHG emissions from all three reporting periods are estimated to be approximately 3,630,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The scope has been expanded to include emissions from key host country-related activities such as the construction of stadiums and other official venues used for the delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, allocating proportional impacts based on use. Overall, the main emission sources, representing 94.3% of total GHG emissions, are: travel (51.7%), accommodation (20.1%), permanent venue construction (18.0%) and temporary facility construction (4.5%). Of the remaining 5.7% of total emissions, the main drivers are logistics, food & beverage, production of energy carriers, materials, and merchandise.

An ex-post GHG accounting report is planned to be published in 2023.