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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Low emission temporary power solutions

Initiative description: Optimising the number of temporary power generators or other solutions needed during the preparation and staging of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, reducing unnecessary or redundant supply and using clean technologies to minimise the impact on local air quality and GHG emissions wherever possible.

A large quantity of back-up power is needed for a tournament as large as the FIFA World Cup 2022™, and rented diesel generators are the most typical power source option.

However, in an effort to meet sustainability objectives to reduce carbon emissions and avoid noise and air quality impacts without sacrificing reliability, various alternatives have been explored through a multi-stakeholder engagement session held in collaboration with the Qatar Innovation Community (QIC).

A list of nine initial concepts were developed, considering alternatives such as grid solutions, gas-to-liquid fuel, diesel-gas-blending or the use of excess energy from other nearby sources. Following this session, it was concluded that grid solutions were the most feasible option. The grid power in Qatar is largely generated by natural gas, emitting 40% less carbon compared to diesel generators per unit of electricity produced. This solution is currently being studied for implementation.