Sustainable building
Sustainable building

Sustainable building standards and tools

Initiative description: Supporting the improvement of sustainable building standards and tools in Qatar on the basis of lessons learnt from the application of such standards for design, construction and operation of FIFA World Cup 2022™ sites.

The Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) was selected and approved by FIFA as the green building system for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ stadiums.

The SC has applied the system on a large scale at all the stadiums during design, construction and operations going beyond FIFA requirements for certifying the design process. The SC employed highly skilled on-site sustainability teams to interpret the standard, integrate requirements to design and construction processes, prepare compliance documentation, and to ensure implementation of each stadium’s individual sustainability plan throughout the process.

Many new best practices and lessons learned were identified during this massive undertaking by numerous teams of professionals on a wide variety of stadiums in terms of size and design. These learnings were proactively and systematically captured by the SC throughout, and have since been shared for use in GSAS training courses and for the purpose of enhancing future versions of the GSAS certification system.

The SC also identified and supported the development of a new GSAS tool that has the capability to determine the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of district cooling systems, a key feature of several of the stadium precincts.

In addition, through our continued collaboration with GORD, we have released various case study reports that showcase the sustainable building practices implemented at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stadium construction sites. Through these reports, we hope to benefit and support the entire construction community in implementing sustainable building practices both in Qatar and beyond.