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Water conservation

Water efficiency in related sectors

Initiative description: Using information events, awareness campaigns and/or public guidance to share and encourage responsible water management practices in FIFA World Cup 2022™-related sectors, such as accommodation and food and beverage.

With approximately 1.5 million people estimated to visit Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022™, the use of precious water resources represents a key environmental challenge. As with waste management, the main goal of this initiative is to engage with providers of accommodation and food and beverage, and encourage them to minimise water use and implement responsible water management practices.

As part of this initiative, the SC, in collaboration with the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), consulted Qatar’s hospitality sector and encouraged them to adopt sustainable practices in the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup 2022™ and beyond.

This has supported local hotels earn certification through initiatives like the Green Key Award. As a leading international standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry, the award assesses 13 areas, including water management, green activities offered to guests, staff engagement, as well as washing and cleaning. Green Key has certified 11 hotels in Qatar since 2016.

Supported by the awareness-raising efforts of the SC and the QGBC, best practices implemented across hotels in Doha include the use of recycled water and air conditioning condensate for landscape irrigation, introduction of drip irrigation systems, rescheduling of irrigation times to minimise water loss from evaporation, as well as replacing inefficient water fixtures and installing aerators to reduce water consumption.