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Water conservation

Water-efficient practices at the tournament

Initiative description: Installing water efficient fixtures and irrigation systems and implementing operational plans to minimise potable water use through efficiency and recycling.

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As a result of the above features, stadiums are expected to utilise approximately 40% less water when compared to International Plumbing Code requirements.

With water being a precious resource, we are making efforts to conserve water and ensure efficient use during the tournament. Hence, all stadiums have low-flow fixtures and taps include a combination of movement sensors, aerators and other flow restrictors. Many stadiums have toilets installed with either movement sensors or dual flush systems. Water metering and leak-detection systems were installed to allow facility management teams to manage water use and identify plumbing in need of maintenance or repair.

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Irrigation systems use 100% recycled water to irrigate external landscapes and pressure-compensated bubblers as well as in-line drip irrigation systems have been installed with automatic control units.

Water efficiency in landscape design has been another important area of conservation. Three-quarters of plants used are native species and drought tolerant, and have been selected to combat desertification. Turf is avoided where possible, with landscaping teams opting instead for designs that mimic typical desert landscapes.