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Water conservation

Water-efficient practices during construction

Initiative description: Continuing the implementation of measures to increase the water efficiency of FIFA World Cup 2022™ stadiums and training sites during construction. This includes the use of efficient construction methodologies, for dust suppression and temporary efficient taps, toilets, showers and irrigation.

Throughout stadium construction, designers and construction teams have been guided by the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) on minimising consumption on the one hand and using sustainable sources of water on the other hand. To minimise water consumption, aerators were installed in taps in temporary bathrooms, canteens and ablution facilities to avoid high flow rates. In addition, displacement devices were installed in toilet tanks to reduce flush rates. To save freshwater, recycled water was used in dust control, and construction teams irrigated temporary landscaping around site offices with either recycled water (treated for use onsite) or condensate water collected from air conditioning systems.