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Sustainable procurement

Sustainable Sourcing Code

The FIFA World Cup™ could not be delivered without the many thousands of products and services being provided through various suppliers, licensees and commercial affiliates. These include construction services, facilities management, venue signage and dressing, merchandise, food and beverage, IT equipment, services related to security, cleaning and waste management, medical, transport and much more.

Similarly, many of the key sustainability objectives set out in the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Sustainability Strategy could not be delivered without the support of suppliers, licensees and commercial affiliates. Taking into consideration the environmental, social, economic and ethical risks associated with the procurement of products and services is a vital aspect of the tournament’s sustainability programme.

As such, the tournament organisers have committed to requesting and reasonably ensuring sustainable practices from its suppliers, as detailed in the Sustainability Strategy. To facilitate this commitment, FIFA, Q22 and the SC developed the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Sustainable Sourcing Code (SSC). The SSC sets out minimum standards and requirements for FIFA World Cup 2022™ suppliers and licensees to manage the sustainability impacts of their activities. The SSC was published in 2020 and has since been part of FIFA, Q22 and SC procurements, as per procedures discussed under the sustainable procurement enforcement initiative.