Transparency and accountability

Sustainability plans, policies and processes

Initiative description: Developing an action plan to deliver on our sustainability strategy, including responsibilities, key performance indicators and targets for each initiative. The action plan will be designed to address identified risks and opportunities to ensure the achievement of our objectives and prevent or reduce any undesired effects. This initiative will also include the development of an SMS manual with all relevant processes and procedures required to achieve our sustainability strategy and action plan.

The first version of our Sustainability Implementation Plan was finalised in 2019. For each of the initiatives in the strategy, the plan identifies responsibilities, the resources needed for delivery, and the key milestones, performance indicators and targets to be used to track our progress. Sustainability considerations and requirements have been discussed and integrated in the operational planning of all tournament functions.

During 2020, the planning focus evolved from conceptual to operational. Detailed planning regarding service levels, temporary infrastructure requirements and equipment needs began. In addition, work has progressed on the development of a Sustainability Management System (SMS) Manual that includes all relevant processes and procedures to achieve our Sustainability Strategy. The SMS Manual is in line with ISO20121, an international standard for sustainable events that is designed to guide and offer best practice criteria to help manage the tournament’s social, economic and environmental impacts. We aim to become the first ever FIFA World Cup™ to achieve the ISO20121 certification for sustainable events, setting a standard of the highest level of sustainable practise for future mega-sporting events.