Grievance and remedy mechanisms for workers
Access to effective remedy

Grievance and remedy mechanisms for workers

Initiative description: Implementation of the SC’s grievance and remedy mechanisms and expanding their scope to all future workers engaged in the provision of services for tournament sites, including during the staging of the tournament.

The SC has put in place a three-tier grievance mechanism to allow workers to raise their concerns and make suggestions, as well as to address and resolve complaints in a timely manner.

The first tier is the Workers’ Welfare Officers (WWO), who are appointed by contractors to oversee the wellbeing of workers at project sites and accommodation facilities.

The second tier is the Workers’ Welfare Forums (WWF), the SC’s flagship grievance mechanism that empowers workers to collectively identify and raise their concerns and suggestions to management through their WWO and elected Workers’ Representatives (WR), without fear of retaliation.

Since the establishment of these forums over 113 WWF were established at peak with 77 active forums currently operational on SC sites as of December 2021, the majority of which have elected representatives appointed through democratic elections. More than 11,690 workers (equal to approximately 81% of the workforce) and 12,590 non-SC workers are covered by these forums.

The third and final tier is the SC’s anonymous grievance hotline, which is available at all hours, 365 days a year, and accessible in 10 different languages.

As of December 2021, a total of 1,305 complaints were received and 97% of them were resolved. Read more here>>

With the integration of the Workers’ Welfare Standards (WWS) in relation to companies providing services for the tournament, the tournament organisers have started implementing effective grievance mechanisms in sectors beyond construction. As of December 2021, eight hotel operators were conducting Workers’ Welfare Forums for their workforce.