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Human Pillar

Our Human Impact

Developing human capital and safeguarding workers’ rights

We are committed to safeguarding the rights and welfare of workers engaged on FIFA World Cup 2022™ sites and promoting their rights in projects and supply chains directly linked to the FIFA World Cup™, leaving a legacy of world-class standards and practices for workers in Qatar and internationally. We also aim to leverage the unique platform provided by the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to develop a capable and motivated workforce and empower young people across the region.

The four material sustainability topics that were identified for this human impact pillar are as follows:

Workers’ living and working conditions

Our goal is to ensure decent working and living conditions and fair recruitment for workers engaged in all our operations, including workers engaged through other construction projects and supply chain relationships directly linked to our operations.

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Access to effective remedy

Enabling access to effective remedy for workers engaged in the construction of and provision of services for the event is critical. We ensure this via operational-level grievance and remedy mechanisms and recruitment fee reimbursement.

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Workforce development

We contribute to building local expertise to deliver the event and foster the development of Qatar and the region via capacity building in the sports and events sector, while raising awareness in sustainability.

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Youth education and empowerment

Building on FIFA’s long-standing leading role and expertise to empower young people through football programmes, we empower young people in the region to gain valuable skills in the sports and event sector.

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