Engagement to enhance workers' welfare
Workers' recruitment

Engagement to enhance workers' welfare

Initiative description: Continuing the implementation of the WWD’s engagement and outreach plan to drive positive impacts and long-term sustainable outcomes for SC workers.

Comprehensive medical screenings

In continued efforts to ensure effective healthcare management of workers, the SC has completed comprehensive medical screenings for 40,687 workers since programme inception and until December 2021. These mandatory screenings have been highly beneficial in detecting health issues as early as possible among workers and identifying high-risk individuals to provide them with the necessary treatment plan. Originally launched in 2018 with Qatar Red Crescent, the programme was renewed with new medical partners in 2020. These screenings were pivotal in identifying high-risk workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling the SC to provide them with the necessary care and support.

A dedicated cardiac pathway, in partnership with Hamad Heart Hospital, is also in place to carry out cardio-related evaluations and treatment of high-risk workers.

The SC has also continued its partnership with The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) for a system of integrated electronic medical records, which provides continuity of healthcare and empowers workers to better understand and manage their health. This is a first-of-its-kind healthcare initiative on a major construction programme in the region. All medical information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, with accessibility limited to individual workers and authorised medical staff. Over 109,000 workers have registered with the electronic medical records system since the launch of this system and until December 2021.

Training & up-skilling

The SC continues to collaborate with Qatar International Safety Centre (QISC), to deliver a comprehensive training and up-skilling programme for its workforce. Courses are provided to develop workers’ technical and soft skills, and their professional qualifications so that they are well-equipped for the future. Courses are delivered in multiple languages. Since the programme’s inception and as of December 2021, the SC has delivered the following courses to over 23,000 workers and contractor staff since 2017 :

  • Workers’ Welfare Induction – 10,802 workers

  • Occupational health and safety training – 10,341 workers

  • Occupational health and safety training – 147 medical staff

  • Trade-specific occupational health and safety training – 472 workers

  • Medical requirements training – 196 medical staff

  • Advanced/basic life support training – 278 medical staff

  • FAA-accredited first aid for mental health level 3 training – 50 medical staff

  • Highfield level 2 & 3 food safety for catering award – 12 H&S staff

  • Legionella, mold and other toxins within accommodation awareness – 34 contractors and H&S staff

  • Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) Leadership Training – 3 HSE staff

  • Bus Transportation Awareness Training – 33 contractor staff and 44 Workers’ Welfare Officers

The SC also invests in Workers’ Representatives training, which has equipped more than 571 workers with skills in leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation and communication as of December 2021. Elected representatives play an important role in amplifying workers’ voices and advocating for worker issues via Workers’ Welfare Forums.

Mental health

The SC also focuses on supporting workers’ mental health and has launched a dedicated mental health care pathway for workers in partnership between the Ministry of Public Health’s (MOPH) National Mental Health Office and the Mental Health Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). The pathway has the aim of improving workers’ access to mental health services and of providing efficient diagnosis, care and treatment.

Beginning in February 2020, the initiative trained clinicians across SC sites and accommodations, administered targeted mental health screenings for workers, and provided dedicated mental health clinics with free consultation and treatment for SC workers – a first of its kind in Qatar. Over 6,144 workers have received mental health screenings as of December 2021.

Cooling technologies

To aid the wellbeing of workers during the summer months, innovative technologies are also being deployed on-site. The SC partnered with a UK-based workwear supplier, TechNiche Ltd, to develop innovative bespoke cooling garments called ‘StayQool’.

StayQool reduces thermal skin temperature by up to 8°C, making workers more comfortable in hot weather. In surveys, 96% of workers reported feeling more comfortable wearing the StayQool suit over previous workwear, while 97% agreed that they feel better at the end of the day compared to what they used to wear.

In parallel, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has developed smart sensors that can be integrated into the StayQool suit. These sensors will provide new levels of health and safety-related data to study the suit’s potential to span many sectors, which will play an important role in the Workers’ Welfare continued legacy after the tournament.


The SC has organised sporting events such as the annual Workers’ Cup, provided tickets to concerts and matches at the FIFA Club World Cup 2019™, and through the Generation Amazing initiative have delivered training sessions linking football and social development. Read more here>>