Sustainability capacity-building and awareness-raising
Workforce development

Capacity building and awareness-raising

Initiative description: Delivering sustainability capacity-building to ensure that FIFA World Cup 2022™ staff and volunteers have the necessary competencies to implement their sustainability management responsibilities. This includes development and delivery of stand-alone training as well as incorporating sustainability capacity building elements into other training areas, such as induction training for staff and volunteers. Through this initiative, we will also deliver training and develop and publish guidelines and other materials to support sustainability implementation by contractors, suppliers, licensees, delivery partners and others working in sectors related to the FIFA World Cup 2022™ such as security, transport, accommodation and food and beverage.

This initiative encompasses capacity-building elements of several other initiatives in this strategy, including:

Capacity Building for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ accommodation partners

Session 1: Non-discrimination

Session 2: Accessibility

Session 3: Harassment, abuse and exploitation