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Human Pillar

Workforce development

Initiative description: Build local expertise to deliver the FIFA World Cup 2022™ and foster the development of the sports and events industries in Qatar and the region

Hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022™ presents opportunities to foster innovation and capabilities needed to develop sectors such as the sports and events industries, in the host country and the wider region. Through the development of local expertise and the attraction and retention of skilled expatriates, the tournament will make a key contribution to the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030, thereby supporting Qatar’s desired transition to a more diversified, knowledge-based economy.

Under the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2018-2022, Qatar seeks to promote the sports and culture sectors to support the economic diversification objectives of the country. Qatar also aims to increase the number of Qataris in technical and managerial roles working in the sports sector by at least 5% annually from 2016 to 2022.

Josoor Institute

Expanding and enhancing the Josoor Institute’s programme to build the capabilities of individuals and organisations in Qatar and the MENA region, so as to deliver world-class, high-profile and sustainable sporting and leisure events.

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Outplacement support for employees

Providing outplacement support to FIFA World Cup 2022™ employees whose contracts and duties with FIFA, Q22 and SC offices will end following the close of the tournament and the completion of their job responsibilities.

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Capacity-building and awareness-raising

Delivering sustainability capacity-building to ensure that FIFA World Cup 2022™ staff and volunteers have the necessary competencies to implement their sustainability management responsibilities.

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Skill-based workshops and community grants

Conducting skill-based workshops for community representatives in Qatar on themes that build on the experience of the SC and are of interest to local communities, such as design and build of stadiums, and widening access to and participation in football.

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