Girl looks on during a FIFA Grassroots schools program
Human Pillar

Youth education and empowerment

Empower young people in the region through football programmes and the FIFA World Cup 2022™ platform

Hosting the FIFA World Cup™ presents opportunities for young people to gain valuable skills and experience through participation in the tournament as volunteers. It also helps empower younger generations in Qatar and the region through football-for-development programmes. Here, we can build upon FIFA’s long-standing leading role and expertise in this field to improve the lives and prospects of young people around the world through support for football-based community projects.

This is a key opportunity for the MENA region in particular, where youth development is a critical challenge. Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 make up nearly a third of the region’s population, and another third are below the age of 15, together amounting to more than 100 million people.

Youth education and empowerment is also a key priority under Qatar’s National Development Strategy (NDS) 2018-2022, which seeks to ensure that young Qataris are capable and qualified for an active role in society by developing the knowledge, skills and experience they need and supporting the achievement of their aspirations.

Generation Amazing

Supporting programmes and initiatives that use football as a tool to improve lives of young people in Qatar and the wider region, capitalising on the synergies of both FIFA’s and the SC’s programmes in this area, in particular Generation Amazing.

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Educators’ toolkit (Tamreen)

Providing a free educators’ toolkit, with resources that teachers, parents and coaches can use to complement any educational curriculum for young people with material related to the preparations for the tournament.

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Youth Panel

The youth panel provides groups of young people living in Qatar with the opportunity to learn about tournament preparations by visiting stadiums, and engaging directly with architects, engineers and leading experts involved in tournament preparations.

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Volunteer capacity-building programme

Implementing a programme in partnership with tournament organisers and local volunteer centres to develop and nurture a pool of diverse, talented and well-trained volunteers.

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