FIFA diversity and anti-discrimination programme

Diversity and anti-discrimination programme

Initiative description: Implementing FIFA’s standard measures and initiatives related to diversity and anti-discrimination.

Diversity and anti-discrimination training

The tournament organisers strive to create a discrimination-free environment within each entity and throughout all of their activities. To support this aim, we provide training on diversity and anti-discrimination policies and procedures as well as intercultural support for staff, volunteers, referees, other match officials, stewards, and contracted staff working in sectors related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

During the preparations for the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™, all volunteers and private security personnel underwent diversity and anti-discrimination training, which included over 5,000 volunteers and over 3,500 private security personnel. A key outcome of the training was increased awareness on what constitutes discrimination, what different forms of discrimination there are and the ways to prevent and react to incidents of discrimination.

Feedback and lessons learned from test events have been used to further improve antidiscrimination training and management processes for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Diversity and anti-discrimination training videos

Anti-discrimination monitoring system

Since the start of the qualifying rounds for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, FIFA has been working with the Fare network to identify matches with a high risk of discriminatory acts. These matches are monitored by neutral anti-discrimination match observers collecting evidence and delivering match reports on discriminatory incidents. For more information on decisions based on discriminatory incidents, please visit: Decisions of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

At the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, FIFA and its anti-discrimination monitoring system helped address all security requests on permitted and prohibited items at all stadiums and matches with special expertise on human rights and anti-discrimination.

Three-step procedure for discriminatory incidents

The procedure for discriminatory incidents is implemented at all matches, including during the preliminary competition, any preparatory tournaments and at all final tournament matches.

FIFA’s procedure for discriminatory incidents during football matches includes a pro-active stadium announcement before all matches, a reactive stadium announcement for discriminatory incidents and a three-step procedure to respond, as illustrated below.