Our Social Responsibility
Social Pillar

Our Social Impact

Providing an inclusive tournament experience

We will deliver an inclusive FIFA World Cup 2022™ tournament experience that is welcoming, safe and accessible to all participants, attendees and communities in Qatar and around the world. Through this, we will leave a legacy of cultural understanding, accessible infrastructure and services, and associated expertise among the local population.

The five material sustainability topics that were identified for this social impact pillar are as follows:


We aim to ensure an accessible event for disabled people and people with limited mobility, while facilitating accessibility across physical infrastructure, public transport and services in Qatar.

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Cultural understanding

Our goal is to promote cultural exchange and embrace varieties in the cultures among parties engaged in the tournament, while enhancing the understanding of the local culture of Qatar and the region.

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We seek to enable a welcoming and respectful environment for all participants and attendees at FIFA World Cup 2022™ sites and events, and promote the attendance of low-income groups, to deliver an inclusive tournament to all.

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Rights of media and human rights advocates

We respect and help protect the rights of media representatives and human rights advocates by integrating the highest principles of press freedom into media accreditation procedures and providing a robust mechanism to report and address grievances.

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Health, safety and security

All safety and security practices at the tournament are conducted in alignment with international standards. To avoid any risks to the safety and security of participants and local communities, we maintain robust systems and infrastructure.

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