Give every talent a chance

Give every talent a chance ­

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Youth development enables each MA to reach its full potential ­

It is clear that much more can and needs to be done to make football truly global at the highest level. At the heart of this is a dedicated approach to talent development. Long-term commitment in this area leads to structural results.

The data clearly shows that talent development has a positive impact upon later success, both domestically and internationally. A concerted effort from all stakeholders (FIFA, confederations, associations, leagues and clubs) to influence the key factors of talent development could lead to a higher competitive balance. As shown in the forthcoming sections, the top MAs appear to be supporting talent development through-out the pathway to a greater extent. However, it is clear that there is still work to be done to truly give every talent a chance.

Everything is connected in our sport. We are all connected. Giving every talent a chance requires everyone to play their part.
Gianni Infantino
FIFA President