Global football
Development of Talents

The case

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Creating benefits for all ­

Global football

When more talents can access the game, the competition will become more exciting. The fan base of both men’s and women’s football will grow across all regions, making football truly global.

The Talents

A clear pathway allows greater access, a better understanding of the expectations at each step, and a heightened sense of motivation for players to succeed.

Coaches and technical staff ­

A focus on talent development grows the interest in the industry and entices more coaches and technical staff to enter the game as a career. In turn, this drives the quality and the diversity of specialists supporting the game.

Clubs and their academies

The development of home-grown talents prepares them for potential access to the first team and/or professional football, which in turn has a strong sporting and economic potential (fan and commercial interest, transfer revenue).

Domestic leagues and the MA

More quality home-grown talents in the domestic league increases the connection with the local community. The same players often become the cornerstone for the national team’s future success and wider national pride.

The Analysis Process