The transition of talent
Development of Talents

The transition of talent ­

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The transition from youth to senior football is a delicate phase for talented players as they have to assert themselves quickly in a bid to find their place. Good guidance for talented players and their environment is key. The pressure of results-driven senior football, the need for an appropriate number of competitive experiences in this phase, individual long-term development and broader education are all in the balance. Players need a mentor, an individual who cares about their personal and sporting development in this phase.


The clubs, the domestic league and the member association are all key stakeholders in enabling the transition of talented young players. Implementing domestic regulations and incentives to field home-grown players encourages clubs to drive the development of young players.

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Only 43 of the top 100 MAs have a specific strategy for the transition of players from youth to senior football

Many talented youngsters waste their time on the benches of top teams instead of gathering experience on the pitch.
Arsène Wenger
FIFA Chief of Global Football Development

Call to Action

1. Develop individual playing pathways to support players transitioning from the youth teams to the senior team at both domestic and international levels

2. Clubs must better use young talent from their academies in a bid to maximise the ROI in these financially difficult times imposed by COVID-19

3. Appoint persons of trust who can help talents and their environment to make well-considered choices in this phase

4. Implement domestic league regulations for home-grown players

5. Support a games programme or loan system that supports the transition from youth to senior football