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First edition of The Best FIFA Football Awards™

The first awards ceremony took place in January 2017 crowning the best men’s and
women’s players and coaches of 2016.



Expansion of the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA Council unanimously agreed to expand football’s crown jewel to a 48-team
competition from 2026, presenting an opportunity for more member associations
to make their dream of playing in a FIFA World Cup come true.



Adoption of FIFA’s Human Rights Policy

FIFA’s commitment to human rights is enshrined in its statutes, defined in its landmark Human Rights Policy and strengthened by an advisory board: a group of independent experts, and representatives of trade unions and civil society.



Enhanced anti­discrimination mechanism

With the introduction of the three-step procedure for all tournaments, FIFA empowered match officials to stop, suspend and abandon matches in cases of discriminatory incidents inside the stadium.



Enhanced bidding process for the FIFA World Cup ­

The procedures to determine the host or hosts of the first 48-team FIFA World Cup were objective and transparent: from the publication of bid books and evaluation reports to the public vote at the FIFA Congress.