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The Journey

Mile­stones 2016

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Election of Gianni Infantino as FIFA President

Gianni Infantino was elected on 26 February as the ninth President of FIFA. The
turnaround of the organisation has been achieved in less than a full term of office.



Implementation of governance reforms

The reforms included the separation of strategic and executive functions, the introduction of term limits, the restructuring of committees and new mechanisms to enhance the control of money flows.



Creation of the FIFA Forward development programme­

FIFA development funding to member associations has enjoyed a massive fourfold increase starting directly from 2016. At the same time, enhanced compliance measures
were introduced to ensure the proper and sustainable management of funds.



Restructuring of the FIFA administration

FIFA split its administration in two: one branch is focused on the institution – including the newly created compliance function – and the other branch is focused on football – including a dedicated Women’s Football Division.



Joining of the UN Climate Change initiative

FIFA pledged to become greenhouse gas emission-neutral by 2050 and committed to
measuring, reducing and offsetting all of the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from FIFA World Cups™.



Establishment of the Executive Football Summits ­

FIFA Executive Football Summits were introduced to promote closer engagement between
FIFA and its members, providing a democratic forum for the constructive exchange of knowledge and discussion for every member association in the world.