18 | Contract assets

in TUSD 31 Dec 2021 31 Dec 2020
Contract assets 69,113 100,627
Contract acquisition costs 19,610 11,862
Total contract assets 88,723 112,489

Contract assets relate to FIFA’s past performance under a contract for which the customer has not yet paid consideration or before payment is due. They are transferred to receivables when the right to receive payment becomes unconditional. Contract assets are regularly reviewed for impairment indicators.

Significant changes in contract asset balances during the period are as follows:

in TUSD 2021 2020
Contract assets as at 1 January 100,627 70,264
Transfers from contract assets recognised at the beginning of the period to receivables -100,627 -58,218
Increase as a result of changes in the measure of progress 68,977 88,701
Impairment (loss)/release 136 -120
Contract assets as at 31 December 69,113 100,627
Of which current 69,113 100,627
Of which non-current 0 0
in TUSD 2021 2020
Contract acquisition costs as at 1 January 11,862 4,638
Costs of obtaining contracts during the year 10,577 7,385
Amortisation recognised as cost of providing services during the year -2,829 -161
Contract cost assets as at 31 December 19,610 11,862

FIFA has recognised contract acquisition costs arising from the capitalisation of incremental agency fees. These costs have been incurred in order to obtain certain Asian television broadcasting rights and contracts with FIFA World Cup Sponsors.

The contract acquisition costs are amortised in line with the pattern of when services are actually provided to the customers.

in TUSD 2021 2020
Aggregate amount of the transaction price allocated to long-term contracts for the 2019-2022 cycle that are partially or fully unsatisfied as at 31 December 4,166,385 3,994,761
Of which
– Television broadcasting rights 2,801,965 2,699,723
– Marketing rights 1,148,476 1,039,336
– Licensing rights 40,944 43,202
– Hospitality rights and ticket sales 160,000 160,000
– Other revenue 15,000 52,500

The above table includes revenue expected to be recognised in FIFA’s current four-year business cycle ending with the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and is related to performance obligations that are unsatisfied during the reporting period. Revenue from unsatisfied performance obligations at 31 December 2021, which is expected to be recognised in the cycles ending in 2026 and 2030, amounted to USD 3,641 million (as at 31 December 2020: USD 4,194 million). Contracted revenue will be recognised in line with the transfer of control over services as described in Note E.