24 | Accrued expenses and deferred income

in TUSD 31 Dec 2021 31 Dec 2020
FIFA World Cup and other FIFA events 72,819 20,188
Development and relief programmes 501,607 503,511
Other accrued expenses 54,369 49,473
Deferred income 30,717 0
Total current accrued expenses and deferred income 659,512 573,172
Development and relief programmes 22,000 47,177
Deferred income 856 0
Total non-current accrued expenses and deferred income 22,856 47,177

The Development and relief programmes line item includes accruals relating to the FIFA Forward programmes, the COVID-19 Relief Plan, the Football for Schools Programme, legacy funds, the FIFA Foundation and previous development programmes. Deferred income relates mainly to host country contributions received in connection with staging the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.