26 | Provisions

in TUSD 2021 2020
Balance as at 1 January 185,768 217,256
Provisions made during the year 4,001 16
Provisions released during the year -8,325 -781
Provisions used during the year -546 -319
Reclassifications from accrued expenses 0 4,119
Exchange differences -8,213 -34,523
Balance as at 31 December 172,685 185,768

The provisions cover primarily various legal matters with respect to disputes concerning FIFA’s core business. No detailed information can be provided at this point since legal disputes and their corresponding timing of settlement are sensitive matters. The mere fact that a provision for certain matters has been set up might be misinterpreted and thus prejudice FIFA’s position in such proceedings. In accordance with acknowledged rules, provisions are recognised if and when an obligation has arisen from a past event, it is probable that FIFA will be required to settle the obligation, and a reliable estimate can be made of the amount of the obligation.