5 | Other revenue

in TUSD 2021 2020
FIFA Club World Cup 26,567 0
Olympic Football Tournaments 25,950 0
FIFA Quality Programme 17,386 9,441
Penalties/appeals 3,029 6,029
Income from the sale of film and video rights 3,971 3,524
FIFA Museum 2,539 1,518
Revenue from prior cycles and other 6,179 8,508
Total other revenue 85,621 29,020

Other revenue is recognised in the accounting period in which the services are rendered. In 2021, it mainly comprised revenue generated from the FIFA Club World Cup, the contribution received relating to the Olympic Football Tournaments Tokyo 2020 and the FIFA Quality Programme. The latter contains revenue in connection with test programmes for footballs, football turf and goal-line technology.

Revenue from prior cycles and other includes various smaller sources of revenue, such as revenue generated from players’ status-related proceedings and revenue from prior cycles.