2022 financial highlights
2019-2022 cycle in review

2022 financial highlights

2022 results crown the cycle and boost FIFA’s vision of making football truly global

From the rousing opening match to the thrilling final, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ delighted football lovers around the world, with many hailing it as the best World Cup ever. This huge sporting success came at the tail end of the 2019-2022 financial cycle, delivering an unmatched financial achievement and providing FIFA with a solid financial foundation on which to achieve its vision of making football truly global.

FIFA operates in a four-year cycle, the FIFA World Cup™ being the crowning event in the fourth year and the main source of its income.Therefore, FIFA’s financial figures are best analysed considering the full four-year cycle.

This page provides the financial highlights of 2022. For more details on the 2022 financials, please refer to the chapter on the 2022 financial statements.

Revenue in 2022 totalled USD 5,769 million, a record figure that exceeded the 2018 amount by 24%. The sale of television broadcasting rights contributed the lion’s share of the annual revenue, followed by marketing rights, hospitality rights and ticket sales, licensing rights, and other revenue and income.

FIFA’s disbursements in 2022 amounted to USD 3,404 million, of which 59% was dedicated to organising and staging the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and other FIFA events. Once again, FIFA’s Development & Education programmes played a critical role in supporting the growth of the game and making it truly global at every level. Investment in this area totalled USD 1,038 million, including USD 605 million for FIFA Forward 2.0. The global pandemic delayed the use of funds and FIFA’s member associations were unable to use the entire Forward 2.0 entitlements. FIFA therefore reserved all outstanding entitlements for future use.

The net result for 2022 came to USD 2,368 million, which offset the structurally negative results in the first three years of the cycle, leading to a net result of USD 1,187 million for the full 2019-2022 cycle, which was more than 11 times higher than the budgeted net result.

FIFA’s balance sheet continued to be strong, with total assets amounting to USD 6,796 million at the end of 2022, 85% of which were in the form of cash and cash equivalents and financial assets. FIFA’s reserves reached a new high of USD 3,971 million, 45% higher than the level at the end of the 2015-2018 cycle. FIFA’s financial position remains exceptionally robust and sustainable with a substantial cash base and sufficient reserves.

Overall, the final year of the 2019-2022 cycle will be remembered for the spectacular FIFA World Cup in Qatar. At the same time, FIFA’s investments in Qatar 2022™ also achieved outstanding results on a financial level, producing the most profitable World Cup to date and record reserves for future investment in football.

2022 financial year – key figures

5,769 0,000

+ 24% versus budget revenue in 2022 (in USD million)

2,359 0,000

Results before taxes and financial result in 2022 (in USD million)

3,084 0,000

+ 14% football investments in 2022 versus budget (in USD million)

3,971 0,000

Reserves (in USD million)

Statement of profit or loss 2019‑2022 (USD million)


Regularly budgeted investments in football and administration

Emergency investment via the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan (stage 3)

Result before taxes and financial result