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Growing revenues sustainably to reinvest in football

FIFA has adopted an innovative approach as it continues to look for new revenue streams that will allow more investment in football development.

FIFA’s purpose is to serve football and its 211 member associations. It is FIFA’s duty to ensure that its revenue is channelled back into football to help the game develop and flourish in all corners of the planet, from industrialised nations to the remotest island states.

One of the pillars of the FIFA President’s strategic document The Vision 2020-2023 is to grow these revenues sustainably so that even more can be reinvested, and to ensure the continuous flow of this investment.

Since 2016, FIFA has been continually improving its governance structures, and a robust auditing process ensures that the money is used for its intended purpose.

One of the best-governed international sporting federations

FIFA has again been rated among the international sporting federations with the best standards of governance, following a review conducted by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) in June 2022.

FIFA was among seven out of 33 international federations that achieved a score of 175 points or more out of 200 and were placed in the top group, A1, which ASOIF described as “an exclusive group”. The project aims to promote and ensure a culture of good governance within the international sporting federations and help drive continuous progress.

The review looked at five aspects of governance – transparency, integrity, democracy, development and control mechanisms – and these were further divided into ten subsections, with a score of zero to four awarded for each.

FIFA believes that such a multilayered experience will result in a truly inclusive and fun gameplay – in turn, engaging new and existing football fans from across the globe, as well as promoting the values of the sport to an even broader audience.
Romy Gai
FIFA Chief Business Officer

Landmark partnership with Roblox

As part of its commitment to developing new and diverse interactive football experiences for fans, FIFA signed a multi-year partnership with leading metaverse platform Roblox on 12 October 2022.

FIFA and Roblox will work together to create an exciting new online immersive for all football fans to earn rewards and collect exclusive virtual items through various skill games and multiple collectors' challenges.