2 | Revenue from marketing rights

in TUSD 2022 2021
FIFA Partners 762,568 93,172
FIFA World Cup Sponsors/FIFA Women's World Cup Sponsors 534,527 30,078
FIFA Regional Supporters 122,028 5,326
FIFA National Supporters 2,793 1,059
World Cup Partners/Women's Football Partners 2,608 1,752
Total revenue from marketing rights 1,424,524 131,387

Marketing rights provide the FIFA Partners, FIFA World Cup Sponsors/ FIFA Women’s World Cup Sponsors, FIFA Regional Supporters and World Cup Partners/Women’s Football Partners with access to intellectual property by enabling them to enter into a long-term strategic alliance with FIFA, which also includes a set of predefined rights. These rights are further split into tangible and intangible rights. Revenue for tangible marketing rights is recognised when the event in question is broadcast and is entirely dependent on the number of broadcasting hours. As such, due to the different nature and therefore different number of broadcasting hours of FIFA competitions from one year to another, a comparison against the previous year is not meaningful. Revenue should be analysed considering the full four-year cycle of FIFA.

FIFA National Supporters only have the contractual right for one single other FIFA event. As a consequence, revenue for these contracts is recognised in the period in which the event takes place.

In 2022, the value of services or goods included in the above-mentioned marketing rights (i.e. value-in-kind revenue) amounted to USD 110.7 million (2021: USD 11.4 million).